The Radium Girls

Championing strong females on stage and in the community.

The Radium Girls Productions champions strong females onstage, screen, and in the community.

The Shows:

Show Block A: Wednesday 5/31 at 7pm and Friday 6/1 at 8pm

Just Gone

Written and Directed: Genny Yosco

Genny Yosco* - Chloe

Andy McCain -  Jake

Chris Weigandt - Police Officer 

Chloe and Jake have just experienced a horrific break in while on vacation. As Jake tries to comfort Chloe, she pieces together that not everything is as it seems in their hotel room, and not everyone she knows got away unharmed.


Your Title Goes Here

Written by Dora Elmer

Directed by Heather Arnson


I'll Let You Know

Written and Directed by Estelle Girard Park

Dan Sturges as Peter

Ben Romer as Brian

Estelle Girard Parks as Norah 

Kieran Duffy as Jessy

On the way to the city that never sleeps, Norah, 26, a Franco-American, decides to go in search of her biological father, owner of a jazz club, whom she has never met. A one-act play about a past memory meeting the present in New York City. 



Show Block B: Thursday 6/1 at 7pm and 6/3 at 8pm


Gyroscope Play

Written by Heather Jeanne Violanti


Eye Contact

Written by Pratima Mani

Directed by Rachel Casparian

Dan Dobransky

Pratima Mani

A woman can't deduce the intentions of the man staring at her on the train. 


Tourist Trap

Written by Marie Yuen 

Director: Rachel Levens

Tina Duong as Laura

Connie as Kiyo Takami*

Lorraine Tai as Wincey 

Fenton Li as Walter


Guy 1/Banker 1 (Watson) as Jim Ro

Guy 2/Banker 2 (Nigel Ponsonby) as Dimitri

It’s Cantonese meets culture shock the day Laura arrives in Hong Kong. But that’s okay for this ABC (American-Born-Chinese) because when dinner with a local friend turns into a mad dash about town, Laura’s game on for anything: from black pepper steak set meals to dancing with drunken bankers and a Canadian who may (or may not) be a Gurkha. Tourist Trap: A play for the hopeless adventurer in all of us.


Master Class in Suicide Notes Writing

Written by Lisa Monde

Samuel Shurtleff

Steve Carlsen

William Otterson

Nicolas DiPierro

Thaddeus J. Abbott

Nicola McEldowney

Alexander Larkin


Philology professor – Scott Mirrormord – conducts a master-class in writing suicide notes for potential suicides. In this shorter version of the play the spectators find themselves at the first meeting, where the main goal is to discuss how the participants are planning to depart from this life and for whose sake they are committing the action. 

Six anonymous participants – five men and a woman –join the master class. One of them completes his draft of the suicide note and commits the act of suicide, as soon as he leaves the room, where the master class is taking place. 

How will the story develop and what awaits each of the remaining participants in the future, will they follow through with their decision to end their life?