The Radium Girls Productions

Championing strong females on stage and in the community.

The Radium Girls Productions champions strong females onstage, screen, and in the community.

Clothing Optional: A New York Musical


Sam and Taryn, two best friends living in NYC, both with ferocious sexual appetites are on a journey to find their happiness.  Sam's through her aloofness and focus on her career and Taryn on her never ending hunt for a boyfriend.  An honest tale and perspective on women's dating, sexcapades through the city, with gay best friends, forever enemies and the hint of romance, the story at the end of the day is about Sam and Taryn, two friends that through the sex and drama of it all will always find their way back to each other, because no bond is greater than your best friend.


Check out Clothing Optional as part of the

Fourth Annual Radioactive Festival: A Festival of Female Playwrights

Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 at 2pm

440 Lafayette